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1 - 5

1 Butterflies E B Ford
2 British Game Brian Vesey Fitzgerald
3 London's Natural History R S R Fitter
4 Britain's structure and scenery L Dudley Stamp
5 Wild Flowers John Gilmour and Max Walters


5 Wild Flowers


6 - 10

6 Natural History in the Highlands and Islands F Fraser Darling
7 Mushrooms and Toadstools John Ramsbottiom

8 Insect Natural History A D Imms

9 A Country Parish A W Boyd
10 British Plant Life W B Turrill

9 A Country Parish

10 British Plant Life

  11 Mountains and Moorlands W H Pearsall 12 The Sea Shore C M Yonge Flora of Essex 14 The Art of Botanical Illustration Wilfre Blunt 15 Life in Lakes and Rivers T T Macan & E B Worthington  
  16 Wild Flowers of Chalk & Limestone J E Lousley 17 Birds & Men E M Nicholson 18 A Natural Histoy of Man in Britain H J Fleure 19 Wild Orchids of Britain V S Summerhayes 0 The British Repties and Amphibians Malcolm Smith  
  21 British Mammals L Harrison Matthews 22 Climate and the British Scene Gordon Manley 23 An Angler's Entomology J R Harris 24 Flowers of the Coat Ian Hepburn 25 The Sea Coast J A Steers  
  26 The Weald  S W Woolridge & Frederick Goldring 27 Dartmorr L A Harvey & D St Leger-Gordon 28 Sea-Birds James Fisher 29 The World of the Honeybee Colin G Butler 30 Moths E B Ford  
  31 Man and the Land L Dudley Stamp 32 Trees, Woods and Man H L Edlin 33 Mountain Flowers John Raven & Max Walters 34 The Open Sea - the world of plankton Alister Hardy 35 The World of the Soil  Sir E John Russell  
  36 Insect Migration C B Williams 37 The Open - sea fish and fisheries Sir Alistair Hardy 38 The World of Spiders W S Bristowe 39 The Folklore of Birds Edward A Armstrong 40 Bumblebees John B free & Colin G Butler  
  41 Dragonflies Cynthia Longfield & N W Moore 42 Fossils H H Swinnerton 43 Weeds and Aliens Sir Edward Salisbury 44 The Peak District  K C Edwards 45 The Common Lands of England and Wales W G Hoskins & L Dudley Stamp  
  46 The Broads E A Ellis 47 The Snowdonia National Park W M Condry 48 Grass and Grassland  Ian Moore 49 Nature Conservation in Britain Sir Dudley Stamp 50 Pesticides and Pollution Kenneth Mellanby  
  51 Man and Birds R K Murton 52 Woodland Birds  Eric Simms 53 The Lake District W H Pearsall & W Pennington 54 The Pollination of Flowers Michael Proctor & Peter Yeo 55 Finches Ian Newton  
  56 Pedigree - Words from Nature Stephen Potter & Laurens Sargent 57 British Seals H R Hewer 58 Hedges E Pollard, M D Hooper & N W Moore 59 Ants M V Brian 60 British Birds of Prey Leslie Brown  
  61 Inheritance and Natural History R J Berry 62 British Tits Christopher Perrins 63 British Thrushes Eric Simms 64 The Natural History of Shetland R J Berry & I J L Johnston 65 Waders W G Hall  
  66 The Natural History of Wales William M Condry 67 Farming and Wildlife Kenneth Mellanby 68 Mammals in the British Isles  L Harrrison Matthews 69 Reptiles and Amphibians in Britain Deryk Frazer 70 The Natural History of Orkney R J Berry  
  71 British Warblers Eric Simms 72 Heathlands Nigel Webb 73 The New Forest Colin R Tubbs 74 Ferns Christopher N Page 75 Freshwater Fishes  P S Maitland & R N Campbell  
  76 The Hebrides  J M Boyd & I L Boyd 77 The Soil  B Davies, N Walker                                       , D Ball & A Fitter 78 British Larks, Pipits and Wagtails Eric Simms 79 Caves and Cave Life Philip Chapman 80 Wild and garden Plants Max Walters  
  81 Ladybirds  Michail E N Majerus 82 The New Naturalists  Peter Marren 83 The Natural History of Pollination Michael Proctor, Peter Yeo &  Andrew Lack 84 Ireland David Cabot 85 Plant Disease David Indram & Noel Robertson  
  86 Lichens Oliver Gilbert 87 Amphibians and Reptiles  Trevor Beebee & Richard Griffiths 88 Loch Lomondside John Mitchell 89 The Broads  Brian Moss 90 Moths Michael Majerus  
  91 Nature Conservation  Peter Marren 92 Lakeland  Derek Ratcliffe 93 British Bats John Altringham 94 A Natural History of the Seashore Peter J Hayward 95 Northumberland Anguss Lunn  
  96 Fungi  Brian Spooner & Peter Roberts 97 Mosses and Liverworts Ron Porley & Nick Hodgetts 98 Bumblebees Ted Benton 99 Gower Jonathan Mullard 100 Woodlands Oliver Rackham  
  101 Galloway and the Borders Derek Ratcliffe 102 Garden Natural History Stefan Buczacki 103 The Isles of Scilly Rosemary Parslow 104 A History of Ornithology  Peter Bircham 105 Wye Valley George Peterken  
  106 Dragonflies Philip Corbet & Stephen Brooks 107 Grouse Adam Watson & Robert Moss 108 Southern England Peter Friend 109 Islands R J Berry 110 Wildfowl  David Cabot  
  111 Dartmoor Ian Mercer 112 Books and Naturalists David Elliston Allen 113 Bird Migration Ian Newton 114 Badger Timothy J Roper 115 Climate and Weather  John Kington  
  116 Plant Pests David V Alford 117 Plant Galls Margaret Redfern 118 Marches Andrew Allott 119 Scotland Peter Friend 120 Grasshoppers and Crickets Ted Benton  
  121 Partridges G R Potts 122 Vegetation of Britain and Ireland Michael Proctor 123 Terns  David Cabot & Ian Nisbet 124 Bird Populations Ian Newton 125 Owls Mike Toms  
  126 Brecon Beacons Jonathan Mullard 127 Nature in Towns and Cities David Goode 128 Lakes, Loughs and Lochs Brian Moss 129 Alien Plants Clive A Stace & Michael J Crawley 130 Yorkshire Dales John Lee  
  131 Shallow Seas Peter J Hayward 132 Falcons Richard Sale 133 Slugs and Snails Robert Cameron 134 Ealry Humans Nick Ashton    
  M1 The Badger Ernest Neal M2 The Redstart John Buxton M3 The Wren Edward A Armstrong M4 The Yellow Wagtail Stuart Smith M5 The Greenshank Desmond Netersole-Thompson  
  M6 The Fulmar James Fisher M7 Fleas, Flukes and Cuckoos Miriam Rothschild & Theresa Clay M8 Ants Derek Wragge Morley M9 The Herring Gull's World Niko Tinbergen M10 Mumps, Measles and Mosaics Kenneth M Smith & Roy Markham  
  M11 The Heron Frank A Lowe M12 Squirrels Monica Shorten M13 The Rabbit Harry V Thompson & Alastair N Worden M14 The Birds of the London Area London Natural History Society M15 The Hawfinch Guy Mountfort  
  M16 The Salmon J W Jones M17 Lords and Ladies Cecil T Prime M18 Oysters C M Yonge M19 The Housesparrow J D Summers-Smith M20 The Wood Pigeon R K Murton  
  M21 The Trout W E Frost & M E Brown M22 The Mole Kenneth Mellanby        

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