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Wild Essex by Tony Gunton Lopinga Books: The Nature of Essex Series No. 7

page updated13 April 2018

Explore Wild Essex
A guide to the nature reserves and country parks of Essex and east London
Tony Gunton

ISBN 978-0953036264 (softback)
A5 280 pp with full colour throughout

Published: June 2008

Price £9.95 (post-free in the UK)
Prix €11.25 (livraison gratuit en EU)
  • Includes ALL the nature reserves managed by the Essex Wildlife Trust, London Wildlife Trust, National Trust, RSPB, & Woodland Trust in Essex and east London
  • Also includes the country parks and wild places managed for wildlife and public access by local authorities and other organisations.
  • A total of almost 40,000 acres, on over 260 sites, for you to explore and enjoy without entry charges
  • Charts help you choose the best time for your visit and which reserves have the facilities you need
  • Over 200 detailed colour maps to help you find and explore each site
  • Colour photographs of the most interesting Essex animals, plants and habitat
  • "Explore Wild Essex" is a complete updating of "Wild Essex" - it includes 100 extra sites covering a total of 10,000 more acres than did "Wild Essex" eight years previously
  • "Explore Wild Essex is the new official Essex Wildlife Trust guide to all its nature reserves. The Trust benefits from every copy sold - so buying a copy will help you protect Wild Essex as well as enjoy it


Explore Wild Essex
£14.95 (post-free in the UK)




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