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Les chauves-souris de Guyane: cover illustration by P. Charles-Dominique, A. Brosset & S. Jouard Muséum national d'histoire naturelle, Paris



page updated 15 April 2018

Les chauves-souris de Guyane
The bats of French Guiana
P. Charles-Dominique, A. Brosset & S. Jouard
ISBN 2-85653-535-6
published Dec-01
24 x 16 cm softback, 172 pages

Price £20.00 (post-free in the UK)
Prix €25.00 (livraison gratuit en EU)
  • The first half of this book covers the biology of bats including a history of their study in French Guiana, biogegraphical aspects of the bat fauna plus detailed aspects of ecology and conservation
  • The second half is an he identification guide. There are colour photographs of 57 species and a key iwhich s well illustrated with drawings of the faces, ears, wing and tail membranes etc: whichever features are important for identification of a live but capture bat.
  • A species list also gives information on the main habitat preferences of each species
  • This is an excellent combination of a scientifically important book produced in a way that is accessible to a wide readership

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