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A coming-of-age novel for young adult readers


Timothy Noakes ("Moth")

ISBN 978-0953036271

13 cm x 20 cm 184 pp

Poppy was eleven when she met Moth and this story is what happened to them from then until, five years later, when she had Moth's baby.

She had always wanted a “really big adventure” and it started when she met Moth. Things soon turned horrid but she began to recover as part of a new family: Moth’s.

Her new family was followed by a move to a new country, a new language, a new school and new friends. And a new brother? She was pleased to discover Moth was not at all like a brother.

"When we lived in England and spoke English, although Moth also knew some French. By the time we started to write what became this book we lived in France but spoke mostly English to each other. Some bits of the book we wrote in French but the second half of our story (the really exciting bit) we recorded while talking to each other about our adventures. We spoke in an ancient language that has never been written down. You’ll find out how we learned it as you read our book."

By the time they were ready to turn their private story into a book that could be published, they were seventeen. It was difficult, but fun, to try and remember how they felt and thought when they were eleven or twelve. Maybe they have made their young selves seem more grown-up than they really were.


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This is the famous Venus of Brassempouy created by a stoneage artist about 12,000 years ago. It is one of very few figurines that show details of the head and face. It was a copy of this that Poppy gave to Moth as her "Baby Gift" and which is the front-cover of the book.

Niaux bison Bison paintings in Niaux cave

One of the bison paintings on the wall of the cave in Niaux. It was painted by one of the Clan that Poppy and Moth stayed with for a year. You can see it if you visit the cave 12,000 years later but visit the Niaux website first.


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